Judge Pads

Wireless Scoring System for Diving

JPAD's have been meeting the needs of recording teams for diving competitions since 2005

Judge Pads are Perfect for Large Scale International Diving Competitions and Dive Meets as well as Local Club Organised Events.

Designed in conjunction with the UK ASA Diving Technical Committee

JPAD'S are a Rugged, Portable and Ergonomic Dive Meet Management System

JPAD Wireless Judging Terminals Work Seamlessly with Dive Recorder Software

Rugged waterproof design with a long battery life

Uses 433Mhz frequency rather than Wifi. Scoring will not be adversely effected by limited wifi connectivity

Unique configuration allows for three events to run simultaneously, saving expensive pool hire time

Fully portable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and ease of use reduces judge fatigue and risk of errors

Quick and easy to set up. No cables to run. No Trip hazards. It's up and running in minutes.

Results can be displayed as soon as the last score is submitted reducing waiting time

Provides next diver, and total score info in the palm the judges hand

Customisable display including a choice of decimal separator for use in different countries

2 year warranty

Used Worldwide

JPAD Systems are used throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide, and for all events from Club, National and FINA level using the Diverecorder and JPAD combination.

The governing bodies of the following countries have purchased JPAD Systems for running their events; UK, The Netherlands (Eindhoven), France & Switzerland, Diving Australia.

JPAD's integrates seamlessly with Dive Recorder Software - a core program in a suite designed to manage the entire Recording function for springboard and platform diving meets. It can be used at every level from local club events to international meets under FINA Rules.


Pricing can be provided to suit your exact requirements

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