Judge Pads

Wireless Scoring System for Diving


Provides the Judge with a personal Display of the Dive Number and Board. The Judge then enters the score using the “Rapid” data entry method. The score is displayed on the display then the Judge presses “Send” to transmit the score to the Event computer. DiveRecorder then provides all of the awards to the Judge as required by new FINA rules for electronic scoring systems.
Can be used to run up to 3 simultaneous events in the same pool
2 Line x 16 Character display with backlighting. Can display Next Dive and all Judges Awards or other information, such as current competitor, number of Dives to go, Current Diver No. & Round. Software dependent.
Microprocessor based JPAD handsets create a flexible design able to adapt to the demanding needs of modern High Board Diving events around the world. Firmware can be updated to accommodate further improvements and features.
Uses License Free 433MHz Radio technology to provide 150m+ range (line of sight)
The Base Station (Transceiver) connects to the PC using Serial or USB connection
Battery Life approx 50 hours of continuous use on one charge.  A three day event can be easily covered by one charge. Batteries are low self discharge, NiMh with a thermal safety fuse
Battery charger  supplied - 6 Way charger with indicators for each JPAD being charged
Auto Detection of COM Port and JPAD System from suitable software, means you are up and running in minutes, when setting up for an event - No more cables to run
Rugged  & Water Resistant designed for use on the poolside or out of doors.
Ergonomic Handheld Case, designed to be held in the hand, with wrist cord

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